Christopher Zizzo Photography: Blog en-us (C) Christopher Zizzo Photography (Christopher Zizzo Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:43:00 GMT Christopher Zizzo Photography: Blog 80 120 Ethan Turns 1! Happy First Birthday to a young man I had the pleasure of photographing a few weeks ago.  An energetic lad who, besides paying attention to his cake was curious about all the camera equipment, background and especially the remote!  Yes Ethan, you were a handful for your Mom to wrangle but you had it where it counted, in personality and expression!  Thanks to Syl for supplying the tie and diaper cover. 

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Andréanne And Kevin  If there was a third person in this relationship it would be the quaint, small and quiet Mega City of Toronto.  Andréanne and Kevin met, live and work in the Big City, Hollywood North, T.O., Hogtown,The 416.  Willing participants and big city meet Christopher Zizzo Photography.  I'm pretty happy with the outcome and the non-traditional Toronto shots we created!

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Ayshé and Tyler We met when we were children, our parents were co-workers turned best friends.  It was my pleasure to oblige when Tyler and Ayshé gave me the honor to be their wedding photographer.  This was going to be a big one!  I enlisted the help of a very good friend and colleuge Paul Iacoviello who not only has mentored me but has been in this industry for over 20 years.  Ayshé and Tyler went all out with a glorious ceremony at Cassa Loma followed by a short TTC ride and a nostalgic walk down St Clair Street in Toronto.  Eventually we ended up at the amazing Eglington Grand where they ate and danced the night away with their closest family and friends.  Congratulatiuons!

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Adorably Chic Kids Working with other professionals is something I really love to do!  I met Shelley, owner of Adorably Chic Kids after my wife purchased a dress for our two year old daughter.  Of course I had to take a photo of her in the dress!

Quickly I was being asked to do a shoot featuring other dresses and of course I jumped at the chance!

Cherry Lane Farms was an excellent location with wonderful people and tons of fresh fruits!

Shelley lined up the location and the adorable models!  This was a first for me, working with children models!

All of them were not only beautiful, but their personalities were amazing!  These kids have bright futures and great moms who will get them there!

Using the sun and a great row of cherry trees (seemed to go on forever) we created some images for Shelley and her company!


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Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame On May 9, 2014 at Michaelangelo Events and Conference Center, the Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame celebrated it's third annual banquet to induct several members of the local soccer community.  The Hamilton Soccer Hall of Fame began three years ago and continues to prove that Hamilton, Ontario is rich with soccer excellence and heritage.  Having been involved with this event for three years I can say that I have met and photographed several of Hamilton's great soccer players, coaches and officials.  I always look forward to this event and fans and supporters that it draws.  

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Zizzo Allan Preventing Climate Change My Cousin, Laura has always had a love for our planet that surpassed the norm.  I remember her as a teenager saying that she wanted to save the planet, always encouraged recycling and being more "green".  As most teenagers did, I thought that this was just talk and didn't really take her seriously, especially when I heard that she was going to law school.  What does being a lawyer have to do with the environment?

True to her words Laura is saving the planet from the legal side, where all the decisions are made and changes can be affected.  Along with her business partner, Travis, they created Zizzo Allan Professional Corporation.  "As one of Canada’s first firms focused on climate law, Zizzo Allan is an emerging leader in the evolving legal and advisory landscape surrounding climate change at the national and international levels."

Keep up the good work! 

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How do you represent yourself? In this day and age everyone who is serious about their business and wants to relate to and communicate with their customers, co-workers and peers needs a representation of themselves on line.  Let Christopher Zizzo Photography create a special image just for you!  A standard corporate head shot can be incorporated into your home page, paper advertisements, articles, and even on your business card.

A more non-traditional yet increasingly popular style is the environmental portrait.  This includes more information as to who you are, what type of business you are in and can even incorporate your interests, hobbies or just about anything that you are "known" for.  These are casual, fun and most importantly communicate with a single glance who you are and what you are about. 

To schedule your corporate or environmental session please send me an e-mail outlining your specific needs or even better give me a call 905-512-1553.

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